Thursday, 16 May 2013

University Fund

Thank you to some special sponsors and their friends and family for raising money to start a University fund. Stepping Out Support Program is now focusing on supporting our children through University to achieve their dreams and give them a good start in life.
We have set up a fund in which we hope to build up. If you would like more details please contact me (

Monday, 13 May 2013

Thank you to all our visitors!

Pauline and Alf Garnett (Thank you for helping and spending Christmas with us)
Matthew Garnett (Thank you for teaching at the orphanage)
Nicky and Lila Jean (Thank you for teaching at the orphanage)
Sue and Brien Morgan (Thank you for teaching and for all your clothes, stationary and toys)
James, Belinda and girls (Thank you for all the clothes)
Allan, Tracey, Kate and Ellie Davis, Alexia and Danni (Thank you for your help and support
at the orphanage and house, and for teaching at the orphanage)
Polly and Jill (Thank you for the health checks)
Beck Ryan (Thank you for all your help)
Julie Watts (Thank you for your donation)
Aaron Fergurson (Thank you for your wonderful support)
Tanya Knott (Thank you for your donation & support)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Painting the house!

Thank you to Alf and Pauline Garnett, and the Stepping Out boys who gave up their free time to paint the house that they helped build earlier in the year. The boys survived painting while sitting on the bamboo poles. The house looks great!